Attention adult musicians

//Attention adult musicians

Attention adult musicians

In Full Swing
A jazz combo experience for adults!

Do you play a musical instrument? Do you like jazz? Do you have any experience in jazz improv? Or have you always wanted to learn how to improvise? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading….

Recently retired Bloomington music educator, Janis Stockhouse, plans to launch a jazz combo program for musicians age 18 to 81, and older! Those who express interest (any instrument, any level) will be organized into small groups by ability and background. No Previous Jazz Experience is required, but musicians will need to be proficient at playing their instruments.

Once the combos have been established, these groups will meet bi-monthly to play jazz  standards and to learn how to improvise.

For more information and to ask questions, contact Janis at

Facebook page:  In Full Swing               Contact Janis before September 15, 2019 if you’d like to participate this semester!

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