The 15th Annual Future of Jazz Concert was held March 31, 2019 at the Crazy Horse in Bloomington, Indiana. Students from Bloomington High Schools North and South and area middle schools performed for a crowded but enthusiastic room. WFIU’s David Brent Johnson kindly emceed.

Guest artist Richard Dole provided feedback and tips to the students and played a couple tunes for the audience with Monika Herzig, Peter Kienle, and Danny Deckard. Rich has toured with Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, and many other well-known performers. He also plays with several regional orchestras, teaches at Butler University, gives private lessons, and co-hosts the WICR radio show “Have you Heard.”

Many thanks to Monika Herzig and her assistants for organizing the concert and the lead-up jazz jams, and to our sponsors the IU Auditorium, Jamey Aebersold, the American Federation of Musicians, WFIU, and the Crazy Horse.

Jazz camp scholarships 

Two jazz camp scholarships were awarded at the concert. A half-scholarship for the Butler Summer Jazz Camp (courtesy of Butler University) was presented to BHSS saxophonist Brayden Wisley, and  a half-scholarship for the Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop (courtesy of Jamey Aebersold) was awarded to BHSN drummer Charlie Edwards. Congratulations to both!

The 2019 Al Cobine Award

This year’s award for distinguished service to the jazz community of southern Indiana goes to Joseph Donnelly! No, not the Senator, the jazz musician and music teacher.  Joe is a saxophonist who has played with various groups in Bloomington and is also doing an awesome job introducing music, both classical and jazz, to the next generation at Jackson Creek Middle School!

Video by Bonnie Layton. Look for more videos on YouTube!