Jan. 15, 2024

Dear B’Town Jazz Friends,

This is Janis Stockhouse, current President of our organization, and I apologize for the “radio silence” these past couple years.  We lost some of our best and hardest-working board members in 2022, but our new board members are eager to re-energize B’Town Jazz.

Since our mission is to promote jazz in Bloomington and southern Indiana, we will be sending out periodic newsletters to inform you of special upcoming musical opportunities and jazz events.   Sign up here to stay informed!

In order to resume hosting the annual Jazz Fest, we will need to rebuild committees and funding, which will take some time. In the meantime, please email me at info@btownjazz.org if you have suggestions for new B’Town Jazz activities, if you are interested in joining the board (event planning, operations, decision-making), or are willing to volunteer to help out in any way (logistics, fundraising, website, social media, etc).

Janis Stockhouse